Steppers are like a hardened red carpet, adding an elegant welcoming appeal to any establishment. But if you already have an outdoor that has been nicely transformed with all the paving stones, plants, and elegant slates around, will you still need steppers? 

Why Add Concrete Steppers?

Unknown to most homeowners, steppers are not merely decorative elements on the ground. They serve a special purpose that other more expensive building materials can never fulfill. Besides transforming a snobbish house into a welcoming home, steppers guide visitors where to go. That’s why they’re a great addition to a big, confusing space. 

And if you’re in a place of Michigan where it constantly rains, steppers will be there to keep your feet off the soggy ground. They’re thick enough to keep water and even dusts, dirt, and sand off the feet, so guests can enjoy a closer look at the beautiful landscape without worrying about these inconveniences. 

Plus, kids enjoy hopping from one stepper to another, thus having a practical playground for them.

Concrete Stepper Varieties

The basic concrete steppers are rectangular, grey slates. Sure, they look so plain and boring. But they can be transformed into something more exciting by colorizing or texture-izing them. 

Concrete is a flexible material. It can be formed into many shapes (not only rectangular but also circle, crooked, square, heart, irregular shapes, etc.) and sizes (can be big enough for a group of five or small enough for a small child). It can be tinted, inked, or stained to any colors. It can even be stamped to impress any texture. 

In short, concrete provides an unlimited design possibility for the steppers. They can even mimic the look of more expensive building materials like marbles, granites, limestones, bricks, and woods. It’s even possible to come up with a unique design that is truly yours like engraving or embossing your company’s logo or shaping it into animals or plants. So when it comes to concrete stepper varieties, there are simply a lot to mention here. 

Perfect Spots for Concrete Steppers

Steppers can be used on any surface where there’s heavy foot traffic. Walkways are the best candidates. They’re commonly used to lead to the front door, an outdoor kitchen, living room, pergolas, a pool, or a view deck. Areas that are surrounded with shallow water can surely make use of extra thick concrete steppers instead of a bridge. Usually, concrete steppers are laid down to lead to somewhere else. 

But they are not only used to lead the way, they can also serve as a nice border to separate areas of a large garden or different areas of the outdoors. Steppers are also used as an affordable alternative to paving stones or flag stones. 

Residential or commercial outdoors can take advantage of our beautiful and durable concrete steppers. Check out our portfolio and be amazed at our collection. 

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